More information about data protection

Your privacy is very important to us. That’s why we‘d like to inform you

  • what information we collect through our website when completing the form, or when we process, use and transmit it,
  • and how we safeguard your information.


  • We only collect personal data that is necessary for the functioning of our website or that you provide us voluntarily, such as by sending us a message. For example, your name, address, email address or personal information about the discrimination experienced.
  • We use your information about discrimination in a statistical form in our report. Your anonymity is respected as no definitive conclusions about a person’s identity can be made.
  • We use your information as an example for our general report only in an anonymous form and only if you have agreed to.
  • To protect your data, we only store it in an encrypted form. Only authorized persons have access to it. We will not disclose your data to third parties. All the data regarding discrimination is anonymised and stored only as long as it is necessary to process it.
  • You have the right to know what data we have stored about you. You can rescind your consent at any time and instruct us to delete your data.

For further and more detailed information, read our privacy policy statement *:

*unfortunately only available in German

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